• Convenient Banking in Bitcoin. Familiar Games in Dollars. Simple! Revolutionary!


    NoDoxPoker is proud to introduce this game-changing innovation to online poker.  Cash games are denominated in dollar amounts that are periodically adjusted upward or downward as the bitcoin rate changes. This means you’ll always know how much you’re playing for. Should the stakes move outside your comfort zone - up or down - you can switch to a table that suits you better. And of course when it’s time to cash out, you’ll immediately receive the current bitcoin rate. And, possibly best of all, you now don't have to deal with those confusing 'millibit'-denominated  games!

  • Play with your choice of Windows, Mac and IOS Browser and Desktop Clients


    Play the Desktop Client in Windows and Mac.

    Play the Browser Client in Windows, Mac.

  • Poker Tracker Compatible


    NoDoxPoker is the only Bitcoin site that is Poker Tracker compatible.


  • Free, Fast, Secure Deposits and Withdrawals


    Speedy, zero-fee deposits and withdrawals are our standard. You’ll be playing in minutes with our zero-confirmation deposits. All valid withdrawals are processed immediately, whatever the amount.

  • Reliable Game Delivery and Uptimes


    Since 2012 we have dealt more than 5,000,000 real-money poker hands to hundreds players worldwide. With virtuall zero downtime. This means that you can be assured that with NoDoxPoker you will never face untested, 'beta' software.

  • Responsive and Professional Support


    Our dedicated support desk guarantees prompt and professional help with any issue.

    Just email support@nodoxpoker.eu.

  • Free Real-Money Deposit for All New Players


    If you’re the cautious type, tip your toes in the poker waters before diving in. Every new account (1-per player) is immediately credited with $5 in real money to splash around in the rake-free micro games. Make a quick killing? You can take your winnings and play in the higher limit games, or cash out since there are no earn-out or other withdrawal restrictions.

News and Announcements

  • Latest News from NoDoxPoker

    On January 4, 2017, NoDoxPoker made the planned transition to a 100% Bitcoin online poker site.


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